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Social Media Management


Even A Caveman Can Do It!


  • The concept of social media has been around for ages – even cavemen posted on each other’s walls

  • The internet just scaled this to a whole new level with more than 3.8 billion people on social networks increasing by more than half a million a day
  • Every second, 11 new users use social media

The Paradigm Shift


Technology Shifting

Changing the Communications Channels

Social Media Shift

Selecting & Implementing Social Media Strategies

Don't Be Left Behind

$333.25 billion marketing dollars were spent on social media in 2019

Global ad spend

Selecting and Implementing Social Media Strategies

word of mouth steroids

Social Media

is Word-of-Mouth on Steroids

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Social Media Services

We Offer

  • Facebook Design and manage pages and groups Schedule an entire year of posts and plan interactive sessions

  • Twitter Plan Twitter business page and manage posts consistent with branding plan

  • Youtube Design, setup and manage YouTube channel and playlists. Manage video syndications

  • Instagram Design and manage Instagram business page

  • LinkedIn Design and manage LinkedIn Profile and content management

  • TikTok Design posts and manage activities

  • Pinterest Design and manage business postings
  • Advertising Services Google and Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Directory Services We provide listing services to ensure your proper listing on directories appropriate to your niche.
  • Retargeting Services We setup retargeting using your Facebook Pixel and other technologies to track and sell to leads that haven't yet signed up for your services.



Social Media - Starter Package

Package Inclusion

  • Facebook Page Design and Management
  • Facebook Group Cover design and group management
  • Integration with Marketing platform
  • Setup of BOT framework
  • Setup of basic annual posting package
  • Setup of your weekly syndication package
  • Initial "likes" campaign

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