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Welcome to Leatherneck Tech
We are a digital agency
Leatherneck is the parent company of a group of Internet properties serving multiple functions from lead generation to audio/video production; email marketing to social media management; employee learning management to small business education, training, consulting, coaching and support.
Leatherneck offers a full range on online and offline consulting and coaching programs. Bringing over forty years of senior level management and entrepreneurial experience to the table, Leatherneck can drive a change directly to your bottom line
Can your customers find you? How do your online reviews influence their purchase decisions? Are you properly managing your bad reviews? Bad reviews can destroy your online reputation.
Do you struggle finding the right imagery for your organization? Have you wondered whether the images you are using were somehow scraped off the Internet without your knowledge. Let Leatherneck deliver original creative images for your project.
In the end, do you really want to be having discussions about things like SEO? I mean, we know it's important but is that what you want to be discussion; or, would your rather be discussing traffic?
Through it's TheVideoBuilder.com video production service, Leatherneck delivers stunning masterpieces of creative marketing in a variety of methods from animation to original works, pencil to 3D, and so much more. 
Our web design team can produce an incredible range of options both in WordPress and off. Whether your requirements demand programming from the ground up or rapid prototyping through an incredible assortment of templates available through our extensive library - we can meet the most demanding requirements. 
We offer a full range of services through two of our very own products - everlesson and Totus Learning. everlesson is designed for the small to mid-size organization and Totus targets the enterprise - regardless, we offer the consulting, design, setup and support to ensure the smooth on-boarding and training of your staff.
We offer comprehensive audit programs which leverage the skill and talent of our founder as a certified information systems auditor and security expert as well as the very best mobile security technology on the planet - Guard Your Device. GYD is jointly offered through a joint venture between Leatherneck, PhoneMoat and Check Point Software Systems, the leading cyber-security company in the world.
Social Media Management
The Social Media Basic package will drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses that have a physical office or is location-specific. It focuses on sophisticated targeting, high-quality creatives, and turnkey social media service to propel results and provide ROI on the business.
    • All-in-one social media package covering all social media activities for the business with specific activities for custom requirements of the business.
    • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.
    • Total social media strategy covering all aspects of online branding and social media - branding guidelines, message tracks, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, verticals, and escalation process.
Products Offered
  • Site Builders
We offer an assortment of web development tools or site builders. These are tools used for creating websites, landing pages, optin pages, webinars, memberships, upsells, affiliate pages, downsells, pre launch pages, etc. No matter what you need to create on line - We sell the tool you need to create it.
  • Domain/Hosting Products 
We are a GoDaddy reseller. We offer a full compliment of tools and products for the creation of Internet domain names/properties and hosting products, security products (SSLs), etc. We provide stand-a-lone and shared hosting products, managed Wordpress solutions, etc. 
  • Audio/video Products
Come check out our premium lineup of audio/video production products. We offer the top selling video production tool along with a variety of other video production products that take the work out of producing videos. No matter what kind of product you want to produce, we have a tool that makes it easy.
  • PLRs
If you are interested in being able to start and build your own business selling other people's products, you've come to the right place. We have a huge collection of PLR (Private Label Rights ) products that you can choose from in order to start your business today!
  • Knowledge Products
We offer a huge assortment of knowledge products that cover every aspect of Internet marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, traffic generation, CPA, PPC, website development, Wordpress, SEO, Facebook advertising and the list goes on. Just check out mytrainingcenters.com for it all.
  • Graphics
If you are involved in any kind of sales/marketing work, audio/video production, want to go live with style by using green screen, plan to do any professional presentations, etc, you not only need great graphics, but you need great tools for manipulating them, too. We go deep here.
  • Social Media Products
We cover all aspects of social media - from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and so much more. There is a lot more to many of these products - like shoutouts in Instagram, tricks to listing in each of them, things the average use just doesn't know.
  • Security Products
Are you kidding me?! You have to have security and you have to have first rate security. Do you know that just in the time today that I've worked on this website, one of my other website has been attacked in twenty separate attempts to hack it. I kid you not. It's absolutely the wild west out there so get yourself the best products you can.
  • Plugins/Themes
We have tons of plugins and themes for WordPress that cover every aspect of web design and management you can think. We have a ton of really first rate plugins that you can trust. How do I know? I know because we use them. Don't forget what I've said countless times - we don't sell what we don't or haven't used. So check them out.
The "Business Pak" 
Key products for any aspiring business enterprise
  • iGloo (Site Development)
iGloo is a powerful page builder. It has powerful drag and drop features with the ability to accommodate virtually any style or type of website you wish to design. It supports responsive designs that are easily previewed.
  • Affiliate Trax
Profit Canvas is a very powerful page builder built by Brett Rutecky. It's quick, convenient, drag n' drop interface with template collection makes for a great choice when you need to through up a quick sales page.

The "Business Pak"
The "Business Pak" is a collection of critical tools for any business looking to develop their website on WordPress and sell affiliate products. With this collection, you have  one of the best page builders for WordPress, a powerful image creation tool that is easier and faster to use then PhotoShop while costing significantly less, and a superb tool for managing and optimizing your images. This, bundled together with Affiliate Trax allows you to build your buyer's email list while tracking the sales of other people's products.
  • FotoPress (WP Image Mgmt)
If you are building WordPress sites and you are putting up your native images without post-processing them, you are making a serious and costly mistake. You definitely need Fotopress. Best choice when it comes to WP.

  • Youzign (Creative Design)
The go to application when it comes to doing any kind of graphic design for the Internet, bar none, is Youzign. If you don't have this in your library, you are making a serious mistake. Plus, free lessons every Friday through FB Group.
  • Drag and drop web and membership site software
  • Image optimization and management 
  • Creative design software for multiple platforms

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