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Social Media Programs
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We recommend the following social media programs
  • Pindrill
Artificial intelligence software for automated social media profits.
Simply a better way to cash-in on social media. This network is the fastest growing in social media and the second largest on the planet after FB. It's where you are going to make money. It has over 100 million active users 70 million of which login to it each and every day. 70% of users are buyers looking for products to purchase on a daily basis. The average purchase is between $140 - $180 per order. We're not talking cheapskates!
  • SHOT Messenger 
  • Personal Message All Your Potential Customers on Facebook. Start dominating FB with this Sleek piece of Technology. Shot Messenger is a 10 in 1 Complete FB App. 10 in 1 is probably a Wrong way to call it. It makes it sound like it has got 10 Features,
    which is pretty cool. But, it’s a Big Undersell. With all the Massive Powers of Shot Messenger, you can Convert your entire email list into your Messenger Audience. You can send message to your entire Facebook Page audience in just One Click. Build Unlimited Subscribers List right inside Facebook. 100% Open Rates guaranteed every time you send a Message. Send Autoresponder like Smart Sequence messages to your complete list. Message your Complete FB Page in One Click. Send Fully Automated – Emotions & Keywords based Rich Media Messages all 100% Facebook Compliant – FB Approved
  • LiveLeap
Syndicate to Multiple Networks at Once
Live Leap syndicates your Facebook Live Video to multiple social networks. Not only that, it communicates with your Email and SMS List. Syndicate your Facebook LIVE Video to Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages at the same time. Send automated alerts to people who follow you, and make sure they jump on to watch you LIVE. Live Leap is the first of it's kind for syndicating your Facebook™ Live Stream. Take your Facebook™ Live experience to the next level with social network syndication and automated notifications/alerts. Get started today with a 7 Day Trial.
Automation software creates your posts and shares across your social media networks. Viral buyer traffic...100% free! Hands-free profits from your monetized social media accounts!
  • 100% Free highly targeted buying traffic
  • Rich pins and image posts get more viral shares than any other content!
  • Shopify itself HIGHLY RECOMMENDS its users market on Pinterest - and now many ecom platforms integrate directly with Pinterest!

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