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SEO Services

  • Expert Consultation
  • Local Setup
  • Local Plus
  • Local Premium
  • Local Prime
  • Web Design
  • Web Optimization
  • Web Consultation
  • Content Development
  • Split Testing

PPC Services

  • PPC Campaign Creation
  • Landing Page Design
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Ad Writing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Performance Reporting

Social Media


  • Facebook Page Design
  • Facebook Group Campaign(s)
  • Instagram Campaign(s) Management
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • YouTube Setup & Design
  • Pinterest Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • TikTok

Lead Generation Services

  • Google My Business
  • Funnel Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Autoresponder
  • Directory Services

Funnel Design

  • Expert Consultation
  • Website/Business Audit
  • Value proposition development
  • Funnel map design
  • Market plan & timeline
  • Task management
  • Content creation
  • Landing/Thank you page creation
  • Sales Page creation for tripwires
  • email campaign creation
  • Webinar creation
  • Social media plan

Reputation Management

  • GMB Setup
  • Review campaign setup & mgmt
  • Review monitoring & response program
  • Remove & Bury Negative Results
  • Promote positive high quality content
  • Damage protection
  • Asset authority creation

Directory Services

  • Directory listing services
  • Audit of all listings
  • Maintenance on all listings
  • Determination of appropriate listing sites and preparation of listing data

Web Design Services

  • Initial planning / goal setting session
  • Content structure design
  • Keyword research
  • Site Design
  • Goal
  • Communications
  • Colors
  • Media
  • Journey
  • Attention tracking
  • Load times
  • Mobile
  • Site Development
  • Site launch
  • Site optimization
  • Site SEO Services

SEO Services

Consulting, Optimization, Implementation

Local Setup

Local SEO



  • Google My Business
  • Yelp Business Setup
  • Bing Local Setup
  • Additional business listings
  • Local Schema
  • Executive Reporting

  • (x) hours of dedicated work
  • (x) team members
  • Unlimited email
  • Citations & Business listings
  • On-page content optimization
  • Monthly link building
  • Landing Page
  • On-lage content
  • WorkFlow
  • Campaign
  • Website
  • Keyword
  • User-experience

Five Phase SEO Process

  • Site Assessment
  • Campaign Roadmap
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Reporting & Analytics

Pay-Per-Click Ad Strategy & Management Services

Our pay-per-click programs are creative, unique, and generate results quickly. We employ detailed keyword research and analysis coupled with strategic targeting strategies which allow us to drive website conversions. Our strategies stem from not only our keyword research but from in-depth competitive analysis, creative copy design, and in-depth conversion analysis. We employ a five stage process in our PPC approach that typically generates consistent results for our clients...but more importantly, we make daily adjustments and improvements with an eye on constant improvements for our clients.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Bid Strategy
  • Remarketing setup
  • Creative Design and Copywriting
  • Ad placement strategies
  • On-going analysis, testing, & improvements

Social Media Management

Our social media management services typically span an entire year. It is critically important, in social media, to have an ongoing consistent strategy that is designed to communicate with your target audience. It holds, then, that you must have a clear, comprehensive, and well-defined description of your target audience. Most fall short in the definition and understanding of their target audience. Further, if you look, you will see that virtually everyone on social media drops the ball in one very key and strategic area - the cover image. Your cover image is like that highway billboard as you are coming into town. Everyone sees it and everyone knows who the local law firm is or who the local hardware store is owned by; why? because the billboard coming into town tells you. If you look at every social media page whether Chiropractors, or hair stylists -- it doesn't matter, you will see that no one uses the cover to ask for their business. Everyone tells you on your web page that you MUST have this and that above the fold but no one tells you that about your Facebook page. They've completely overlooked it. We don't.- and neither will you.

Our Social Media Program includes:

  • Facebook Page Design
  • Facebook Group Creation
  • Paid Ad Strategies
  • Brand strategy and design (when needed)
  • Creative content
  • Photography & Videography
  • Competitor analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Community Management

Lead Generation Services

Database of 300 million businesses and people and a set of crazy 😝 tools

to get the job done correctly for you. Try us out!

Have you heard the expression, "They have to know you, like you, and trust you, before they will buy from you?" Well, it's true. In fact, I will go so far as to say that they have to feel comfortable with you. They may not really know you but they've gotten enough information that they are comfortable doing something with you. They may not really like you but they believe that you are not out to screw them in some way. Finally, they may not completely trust you, but they believe the guarantees you are providing and so they're pretty comfortable that, if for no other reason, they can buy and get their money back if in the event it turns out to be something they don't want. This is the world we're living in and this is the world in which you have to find leads. This means that you need to do the following things:

  1. Set up and attraction event. Give something away. Do something that is going to attract a crowd. Create an online game -- basically, take any action that will naturally draw people in.
  2. Offer something of significant value for free.
  3. Than, ask for permission to offer something of real value connected to the free item but of even greater value.
  4. Make it extremely easy for people to opt-in on your offer.
  5. Finally, take away all their risk with a guarantee of some form.


  1. Send SMS notifications

Our Process

  1. Promotions paid and unpaid in social media
  2. Free offers that lead to sales page
  3. sales page with offer
  4. offer triggers automated campaign
  5. campaign followed by nurturing emails
  6. Emails lead to calls
  7. Calls lead to social invites
  8. Chats lead to automated emails and robo calls
  9. All point to website

We provide the following:


  1. Send personalized emails
  2. Send event-triggered emails
Communications cycle


  1. Display banner ads to prospects
  2. ID prospects that visit website
  3. Follow-up prospects via email & call

We Guarantee Our Results - no leads, no cost


  • Call opens from intro email
  • Call opens from a follow up email


  • Invite to connect
  • Send follow-up email


  1. Chat support
  2. Forward qualified leads
  3. Follow-up warmed up prospects via email & call

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