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Product Development
we are a digital agency
We provide comprehensive product design and development services

Product Design and Development Services

The team at Leatherneck Tech brings over forty years experience in product design and development spanning the heavy construction, engineering, mining, dredging, survey and mapping, knowledge management, Information Systems and Technology, Financial Services, and Human Resources Industries. We have produced over twenty commercial software products over the years.
We offer product design services to assist companies in developing their projects.
Project Management
We provide professional project management services for your software development projects.
We offer professional integration services for your projects.
With decades of product development leveraging teams from around the world, we offer offshoring services providing teams and management from across the globe.
What They Say About Us
For fifteen years, our Founder led research and development at Spectra-Physics Laserplane. In 1997, his team launched the world's first fully autonomous robotic machine control system for heavy construction. During the period February 1993 to December 2000, Mr. Jones pioneered major changes to the global heavy construction, mining, survey, agriculture, and dredging markets.
In 2002, our Founder was named by Computerworld as one of the top 100 IT leaders in North America winning an award as a Premier 100 IT Leader. This award was given for his work related to knowledge management while spearheading substantive corporate changes in IT management.
Tim Dyson
President & CEO
OneMonday Group plc

“…developing a comprehensive IT strategy that will transform and
dramatically improve the way we do business.”
During the period February 2000 to September 2001, our Founder oversaw major changes to both the domestic and international operations of a major public relations firm. During a one year period, he circumnavigated the globe four times visiting 55 countries and multiple corporate brands all while implementing an innovative new strategy for the group. His mission - to capture the corporate "knowledge" and eliminate waste & redundancy.

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