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Knowledge Management
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KNowledge management
So many organizations find themselves constantly re-inventing the wheel. Knowledge is stored throughout the organization but without rhyme or reason as to where it goes. Offices are opened as if the organization never opened an office before. Systems are set up as if they are the first to feel the charge of current running through them. It is singularly one of the biggest sources of waste in an organization. Individuals guard their knowledge because the think it gives them an advantage in the organization. They store their knowledge in their own notebooks or buried deep in files stored somewhere on their own computers. If any of this describes any behavior within your organization, you too are suffering from knowledge active knowledge drain. You need to stop it now or your organization will suffer active knowledge drain and yuor employees will fall victim to the false believe that thyw
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Knowledge Management
The very best syndication technology for producing FaceBook Live sessions - do not go live without it!
  • Define your broadcast routes; where are you broadcasting from and where are you broadcasting to?
  • Bring a second party into your feed
  • Integrate it into your webinars...let them syndicate across social media

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