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Consulting Services
we are a digital agency
Leatherneck Tech brings over fifteen years of enterprise experience in product development, software engineering, information systems design, data management, and security along with fifteen years of succesful entrepreneurial experience
John Gillick
​​​​Having worked with 100's of IT professionals over the past 20+ years I can honestly say first hand that Deryck's ability to address clients concerns in an immediate and direct fashion is second to none. Although I have been in this industry for many years I've never had the pleasure of working with someone who puts the clients needs to such a defined delivery level.
Mark Hewitt
I have had the pleasure of working with Deryck now for well over a year – his integrity, work ethic, and expertise made him a valuable partner. I would gladly work with Deryck again and recommend him to any leading executive team. 
Ted Sontrop
I worked with Deryck as a service provider to his company and found him to have a keen understanding of business and technical requirements, and an ability to effectively lead teams to turn those requirements into delivered solutions.
Dennis Schooley
Deryck is an outstanding professional consultant. He is very knowledgeable and perhaps even more important, he understand his clients needs and works along with them to meet those needs and requirements. I would recommend Deryck as a trusted advisor in the areas of telecom and IT to any business needing help in those areas.
Consulting Services
  • Virtual CIO/CTO Services 
We offer our clients access to one of the nations' leading IT experts - Deryck Jones. Selected by Computerworld in 2002 as one of the top 100 IT leaders in North America for his work both domestically and internationally, Mr. Jones will serve as your organizations' CIO and/or CTO. Mr, Jone served as the CTO for one of the largest pure tech PR firms in the world servicing Microsoft, Apple, MIT Sloane and others. Tim Dyson, Group President and CEO was quoted  thanking Mr. Jones for,  “…developing a comprehensive IT strategy that will transform and dramatically improve the way we do business.”
  • Business Process Consulting
Leatherneck will help transform your business. Too many businesses treat issues like battefield triage. The first priority is to stop the bleeding and get clear of the theater of engagement. The battle continues at the speed of business and all too often the root cause of the issue is never addressed or addressed properly. We help peel back the layers of the onion and access and address root cause. We then build from there utilizing a holistic approach. Don't get caught just applying bandages...your business deserves more than that - it deserves 
  • Systems' & Data Security 
Our team consists of certified information systems auditors and certified security experts with real-world field experience working with some of the biggest organizations in the world - Sony, Canon, and others. We evaluate your corporate security policies and standards and measure them against industry standards. We then audit your enterprise against those standards providing detailed assessment, comprehensive reports, and CARs (corrective action requests). We also provide follow on services to remediate issues uncovered as a byproduct of the audit.                          

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