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Coaching & Mentoring Services
we are a digital agency
We offer comprehensive coaching and mentoring services for whatever stage you are at in your life and/or business. Our team consists of our Founder, with 40 years of business and technical experience; and, our social media master who holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. Then we have our legal and accounting master with decades of experience in business law, accounting, and tax matters. We have experts available across a wide swathe of specialties. Just be sure to let us know when you complete our coaching application.                                   
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Caro Andreani
As a newbie to all this technicality of domain, server, wordpress, security etc... I was in paradise with Deryck! He is a true educator; one that really, really want you to get it! Not only I feel that I learned a lot, but that is was learned without pain at all! Thank you very much to you Deryck! I can't wait for next week's session.
Jeanne Festa Troy
When I applied for Coaching at Leatherneck Tech with Deryck Jones, I got so much more than I expected. Deryck is patient with me, especially since I have lots of questions and is available whenever I need him. Impressive talent, impressive people skills and very impressive customer service.
Linda Craig
Deryck has proven very helpful and professional guiding me. Deryck has taken the time to explain things to me so that I have complete understanding of the process. His knowledge of computer programming is extensive. I am very pleased with the overall process and the ultimate outcome on my business. 
Trevor Lundstrom
Deryck has worked closely with me as I've sorted out a complex range of personal, technical, and business issues. He has a unique knack of getting to the heart of the issues while offering insightful guidance that truly helps in a deep and meaningful way.
Coaching Services
  • One-on-One
Our dedicated coaching program is a focused program that lasts for ninety(90) days. During this ninety day period, you will be working exclusively with an assigned coach. The purpose of this program is to identify key areas that you are struggling with and then building and delivering a tailored program that specifically targets those areas where you are seeking improvement. This is an intensive program. There is a defined set of deliverables that we execute against and target for improvement.
  • Group
Our group coaching consists of a group of no less than three and no more than eight people. The coaching is done in a group setting and leverages the dynamics of the group to achieve specific outcomes that are more easily attained through group dynamics. There is a dedicated coach that leads these sessions; and, as with the one-on-one coaching, we offer a clearly defined set of deliverables as a byproduct of the coaching session.
  • Coaching/Training/Group
Our premier program is a combined program of one-on-one coaching, dedicated training courses, and group dynamics. That's right, you get it all. Consistent with all our programs, we will provide a clear set of deliverables for this program. This program runs six months and it is an intensive program targeting key areas in your personal and professional life. Working with your coach, you will identify a group of KPIs  that become the cornerstone of your training and our team will custom build your program. Each program is personal, private and specific.
CASE STUDY - Photographer
This individual has been trapped in his home for years suffering from physical and medical challenges. He has been struggling for years looking for a method in which he can make money from home while overcoming the medical challenges he faces.
  • Program/Business strategy development and tactical implementation 
  • Focused motivational training to ensure daily progress
  • This is an on-going program

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